1) Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel; From Al-Araqib to Susiya —  www.adalah.org/eng

2) Zochrot [Remembering]: Telling the Story of the 1948 Palestinian Nakba in Hebrew — www.zochrot.org/en

3) The Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN); RSN supports New Profile (www.newprofile.org), Yesh Gvul – There Is A Limit – Israeli Left, The Courage To Refuse (courage-to-refuse), The Shministim (www.whywerefuse.org) and other Israeli refuser NGOs — http://www.refuser.org

4) Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions  — www.icahd.org

5) Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center — www.fosna.org

6) Anarchists Against the Wall — Anarchists_Against_the_Wall (wikipedia.org)

7) Ta’ayush: Arab-Jewish Partnership — We (Jews and Palestinians) live  surrounded by walls and barbed wire: the walls of segregation, racism, and  discrimination between Jews and Arabs within Israel; the walls of Apartheid, closure  and siege encircling the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip; and the wall of war surrounding all inhabitants of Israel, so long as Israel remains an armed fortress in the heart of the Middle East. In the fall of 2000, we joined together to form “Ta’ayush” (Arabic for “living together”), a grassroots movement of Arabs and Jews working to break down the walls of racism and segregation by constructing a true Arab-Jewish partnership. Together we strive for a future of equality, justice and peace through concrete, daily, non-violent actions of solidarity to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and to achieve full civil equality for all. (www.taayush.org)

8) Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity — palsolidarity.org/tag/sheikh-jarrah

9) Breaking the Silence — www.breakingthesilence.org.il

10) Maschomwatch: Women against occupation and for human rights — http://www.machsomwatch.org/en

11) B’ Tselem — www.btselem.org

12) Gush Shalom — www.gush-shalom.org

13) Gisha: Legal Center for Freedom of Movement — www.gisha.org

14) Other Voice, For a civil solution in the Sderot-Gaza region — www.othervoice.org

15) Hagar Association: Jewish-Arab Education for Equality/Bilingual Preschool, Kindergarten & First Grade — www.hajar.org.il

16) Association for Civil Rights in Israel — www.acri.org.il/en

17) Sikkuy: The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel — www.sikkuy.org.il

18) Rabbis for Human Rights; RHR works in coordination with http://comet-me.org (www.youtube.com/CometMiddleEast) and www.ewash.org to support Palestinian sustainable development and water rights in the OPT — www.rhr.org.il/eng

19) Peace Now — www.peacenow.org.il/eng

20) Physicians for Human Rights-Israel — https://www.phr.org.il/en/

21) One Democratic State Groups — One State Foundation (facebook) www.onestatefoundation.org (English/Arabic/Hebrew website) / One Democratic State in Palestine / Zochrot (Hebrew/Arabic/English website)