All donations support outreach to Palestine solidarity groups, student organizations, churches, mosques, synagogues, community centers and U.S. elected representatives to promote American endorsement of the One Democratic State Campaign and the unanimous Palestinian rejection of Israel’s 2014/2020 demand to be recognized as an ethno-religious “Jewish state,” American support for the Palestinian-Jewish petition to repeal Israel’s 2018 Jewish Nation-State Law, and American promotion and debate of the Palestinian-Jewish call to create one secular democratic state or federation throughout historic Palestine with equal rights for all and protection of minority rights.

Costs include outreach expenses and honorariums for Palestinian and Israeli speakers.

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////, Exec. Dir. of Common Ground, Grassroots International Solidarity Program Officer for the Middle East, Child Trauma and Recovery Specialist, Co-founder of the Gaza program Let the Children Play and Heal, Master's degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management, prior Director of Programs at Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services and current Advisory Board member of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme