Palestinian-Israeli “Co-Resistance” to Occupation and Oppression Aid

Palestinian-Israeli “Co-Resistance” to Occupation and Oppression Aid is an umbrella fund that supports Palestinian human rights NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza (50%) and also Israeli human rights NGOs non-violently “co-resisting” Israeli colonization, occupation, apartheid and discrimination (50%) selected by donors to Option Two on the Donate page.

“Under conditions of colonial oppression, genuine coexistence between the communities of oppressors and oppressed should entail co-resistance (that is Israeli alongside Palestinian resistance) to oppression.” — Omar Barghouti, Co-Founder of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, 2012, Lighting a Torch Within

Our recognition and support for both Palestinians and Israelis nonviolently “co-resisting” Israeli colonization and oppression is founded on the principles of human equality, interdependence, and our shared moral responsibility to:
~ care for those in need, called Zakat in Islamic tradition,
~ contribute to the healing/repair of the world, called Tikkun Olam in Jewish tradition,
~ and treat our neighbors as ourselves, as Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount.

Solidarity among Palestinian and Israelis cooperating to resist and overcome Israeli colonization, occupation and apartheid is essential to build a future “based on justice and non-separation” and “sharing the Land of Canaan.” 

By contributing to Palestinian and Israeli NGOs together we demonstrate our support for justice, peace, and equal civil rights for all people in Palestine/Israel, and for the harmonious coexistence of Abrahamic faiths and Arabic and Hebrew cultures.

"I will never forget our conversation," ~ Rida Said (foreground) referring to his talk with Oded, an Israeli activist from Rabbis for Human Rights, while they were picking olives in Rida's family grove, Jama'in, West Bank, 2002: Read about Palestinian-Israeli "co-resistance" to Israeli occupation and settler violence and how "olive grove conversations" can help to build friendship, respect and understanding between Palestinians and Israelis... (photo by Rains Rouner)