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All donations support the outreach of Exec. Dir. ——- to Palestine solidarity groups, churches, mosques, synagogues, community groups, student organizations and U.S. elected representatives to promote awareness of the unanimous Palestinian rejection of Israel’s 2014 demand to be recognized as a “Jewish state” and protest of Israel’s 2018 Nation-State Law, and the advocacy of Palestinians and Israeli Jews promoting one secular democratic state or federation throughout historic Palestine with equal rights for all and protection of minority rights. Costs include ongoing outreach, travel expenses and honorariums for invited Palestinian and Israeli speakers.

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Option One ~ Political Advocacy of Exec. Dir. Ayman Nijim and Palestinian and Israeli Activists for One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel with equal rights for all


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Option Two ~ Palestinian-Israeli “Co-Resistance” to Occupation and Oppression Aid

Palestinian human rights NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza (50% of your donation)

Israeli human rights NGOs (50% of your donation)


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On check’s Memo line, please indicate Option 1 or Option 2. For Option 2, please include note naming which Palestinian NGO (50%) and Israeli NGO (50%) you are supporting. By-mail donors will receive a letter of receipt from Common Ground; please include a return address. Thank you!

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**********, Executive Director of Common Ground, Master's Degree in Conflict Transformation Across Cultures, Child Trauma and Recovery Specialist, prior Manager of Let the Children Play and Heal, Afaq Jadeeda (New Horizons) Center, Nuseirat camp, Gaza, current Director of Programs for Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services, Portland, Maine

A big sister looks after her siblings, Jenin camp, West Bank, 2003 -- (photo by Rains Rouner)

"I will never forget our conversation." ~ Rida Said (foreground) referring to his talk with Oded, an Israeli activist from Rabbis for Human Rights, while they were picking olives in Rida's family grove, Jama'in, West Bank, 2002: Read about Palestinian-Israeli "co-resistance" to Israeli occupation and settler violence and how "olive grove conversations" can help to build friendship, respect and understanding between Palestinians and Israelis... -- (photo by Rains Rouner)

"The Jewish father's loss is as great as my own" -- Omar Abu Nassi, Jenin refugee camp, West Bank, 2002, whose son was killed by Israeli police after his son, without his father's knowledge, killed an Israeli in an act of rage against the Israeli occupation after Israeli soldiers shot and killed his best friend while the two boys were walking together to school. Inspired by Omar's universal empathy and compassion, Israeli interfaith aid from RHR, Islamic Relief, Caritas and the Church of the Latin Patriarch was delivered to Jenin camp in November 2002. -- (photo by Rains Rouner)